Board Meeting March 18, 2017

An OCF board meeting was held on Saturday March 18, 2017 at 9:30 a.m. in Toronto

Attendees: Gillian Wyett, Shaun Hunter, Kellen Tapley, Lorraine Winger, Kari Robson
By telephone: Malek Taleb Regrets: Sheila Marks,


Summary of motions passed:

Competition series for 2017/2018 To hold two locals per discipline next season which will be run in the same format as the 2016/2017 season but will exclude D category. D category will have two scramble competitions per discipline and top D athletes (11-10 yrs. only) will be invited to compete at Provincials. D will be separated into D (11-10yrs), E (9-8yrs), and F (7-6yrs). A and Junior athletes will have the option to compete in either their own category or open but cannot compete in both at the same competition.


Other issues discussed:

  • Chair’s update
  • Registration system
  • Head judge schedule
  • Plans for the 2017/19 series (competition schedule and categories)


The next meeting will be held at the annual general meeting on Saturday April 22 2017 between the first and second qualifiers in London, ON.