Board Meeting: June 10, 2013

Synopsis of the OCF Board Meeting – June 2013

The OCF held a Board Meeting on June 10, 2013 in Burlington, Ontario.

Board members Jeff Whattam, John Gross, Liz Maffett, Lorraine Winger, Sheila Marks, Scott Murray, Stephen Marks and Tim Vince attended the meeting in person. Jody Miall attended by Skype.

The Board elected its Officers for the upcoming year. Tim Vince was elected as Chair. Stephen Marks was elected Vice-Chair. Jeff Whattam was elected Treasurer. Lorraine Winger was elected as Secretary and Sheila Marks was elected as Registrar. As well, Tim Vince was elected as the OCF’s delegate to the CEC.

Tim Vince reported to the Board on a recent meeting of the four CEC Directors. Some progress had been made towards the CEC becoming a legally structured, elected, and accountable National Federation.

The Board discussed some concerns that had been raised about the setting at CEC Youth Nationals. A draft letter was reviewed, and was sent to the CEC a few days later.

Lorraine Winger reported on the OCF’s involvement in the IFSC WC Bouldering event in Hamilton. Many volunteers from the OCF were involved and all felt that it was a very successful event. The dinner for the Canadian athletes, which had been organized by the OCF, was very well received.

The Board unanimously agreed to subsidize Jeff Whattam, our Ontario representative, $500.00 to attend the Youth World Climbing Championships in Victoria in order to complete his judging requirements for the IFSC Judging Course. (Note: This subsidy represents approx. one third of the total cost of the expenses related to this course.)

The date for the Board’s next meeting was set for July 17, 2013 in Oakville, Ontario.