Board Meeting: July 27th, 2014

The OCF Board met on Sunday July 27th, 2014 at 3:30 p.m., in Oakville, ON.

Attending: Jeff Whattam, Gillian Wyett, Sheila Marks, Malek Taleb, Tim Vince, Kari Robson, John Gross, Scott Murray and Lorraine Winger were present.

Finances were reviewed; it appears one gym did not cash our cheque from a competition, and we’re making sure they get that money due them.

Tim Vince updated the Board on the CEC.  They are looking into sponsoring an Open event in each of the 4 provinces with PSOs, as a National Series leading to the National championship in each discipline.   Youth who compete in the A and Junior categories would be eligible to compete in the Open category as well.

The board reviewed the plan for the coming season and made the following decisions:

  • The number of local competitions for bouldering and difficulty will be four for each discipline.  Two of the four Bouldering locals will be scramble format and two Woirld Cup Qualifier Round format (5 problems each with no finals, similar to a provincial qualifier round).  In this format, any ties for the top 3 places will be broken by using a super boulder, scoring points per hold.Two of the four Difficulty locals will be scramble format, followed by two comps using flash format.  In the flash format,  there will be between four and six routes per flash competition, and one climb may be chosen to be reclimbed.  The top four climbs will be taken for final scoring.
  • The series rules were reviewed and updated.  Changes will be published once they have been updated and approved.

Judging was reviewed with some changes to come in the next season.  Testing will be required for judges, and current judges will have to take an online course to judge next season. We plan to continue to offer both Judging clinics to train new judges and allow experienced judges to refresh their knowledge, as well as Belaying in Competition clinics to help raise the standard for belaying.

Next meeting will be held on Sept 7th in Toronto.