Board Meeting: January 12, 2013

The OCF held a Board Meeting on Saturday January 12/13 in Burlington, ON.

Board members John Gross, Sheila Marks, Stephen Marks, Julia Bonnell, Jeff Whattam and Lorraine Winger attended the meeting in person. No one attended by conference call/Skype.

The Board discussed a number of issues, including the following items:

The OCF has approx. 140 paid competitive members at present and 40 supporter members. We are holding money for the CEC presently for memberships which will be transferred/paid to the CEC in the next few weeks.

The renewal premium for our Insurance should remain at $2160.00.

The Ontario Youth Bouldering Provincials will be held at Boulderz on Feb 23/13 and will be run as an IFSC World Cup Bouldering format competition.(4 problems in qualifiers and finals).  Qualifiers will be held in age and gender flights in the morning with finals starting in the afternoon and finishing in the evening.  A max of 6 competitors per category will go to finals.  The OCF will be handling registration. We will charge $56.00 online and $60.00 CASH ONLY the day of the competition. There will be a final cutoff for registration on Monday Feb 18th and no more registrations will be allowed.

The OCF is still exploring having one of our local Series difficulty comps use an onsight format. Those efforts are still in progress. The Board will announce any changes to the format of our local Series competitions as information becomes available.