Board Meeting: February 21st, 2015

An OCF board meeting was held on Sunday, February 21st at 6:00 p.m in Toronto

Attendees: John Gross, , Kellen Tapley, Sheila Marks, Gillian Wyett – Via phone/Google hangout: Kari Robson Lorraine Winger. Regrets: Jeff Whattam

Summary of motions passed during the meeting:

Expenses incurred by head judge and technical delegate for Difficulty Provincials. To approve hotel expenses for Jeff Whattam and Tim Vince for two nights at the hotel of the board’s choice in lieu of the usual honorarium for the Head Judge at Difficulty Provincials.

Other issues discussed:

  • Kari Robson presented an update on OCF finances.
  • An update from Tim Vince regarding CEC activities was reviewed. Information is posted on the CEC website.
  • Discussions held regarding the upcoming difficulty season and the formats to be used at the four local competitions.
  • Discussion regarding how to improve the process of inviting athletes to compete in National Championships.
  • Date of the next meeting to be determined – to be set sometime the week of March 9 or 16.