Board Meeting: December 7th, 2012

The OCF held a Board Meeting on Friday, December 7, 2012 at the Hampton Inn, in Ottawa. The meeting was held in conjunction with the difficulty competition at the Coyote Rock Gym.

Board members John Gross, Jody Miall, Liz Maffett, Sheila Marks, Stephen Marks and Tim Vince attended the meeting in person. No one attended by conference call/Skype.

The Board discussed a number of issues, including the following items:

The Board has purchased a three year supply of ribbons for approx. $550, to be used at all of our Series competitions.

The OCF has approx. 82 paid competitive members at present, including about 25 that are just provincial level members. We will be making our first membership data transfer/payment to the CEC in the next few weeks.

The Board agreed to renew our insurance in January 2013. The cost is between $2300-$2700.

Tim Vince reported that a federally registered non-profit corporation has been formed by a CEC working group, including representatives from the four organized provincial climbing organizations (British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec.) The Board is hopeful that this will be the first real step in establishing a funded National Sport Organization for competitive climbing.

The OCF is exploring having one of our local Series difficulty comps use an onsight format. Those efforts are still in progress. The Board will announce any changes to the format of our local Series competitions as information becomes available.

The next OCF Board Meeting has been scheduled for January 12, 2013 in Burlington.