Board Meeting August 14, 2016

An OCF board meeting was held on Sunday, August 14th at 1:00 pm in Oakville

Attendees: In person: Lorraine Winger, Gillian Wyett, Shaun Hunter, Kellen Tapley, Sheila Marks; via telephone: Julia Bonnell
Regrets: Kari Robson

Summary of motions passed:


Payment process for all competitions For the 2016/2017 series, all competition fee payments to be made online and all fees must be paid for at time of registration.
Head judge honorariums The head judge honorarium for the 2016/17 season will be $100 per day with an additional $50 if the head judge runs a judging clinic or attends the gym the night before the competition to check out video system and the set-up of the routes. In the case of co-head judges, they will both receive the honorarium. Judges in training will not be paid an honorarium.
Use of surplus from 2015/2016 series To purchase large 6 timers to be used at all OCF competitions. To purchase 40 poplin golf bibs for judges, and 30 additional poplin golf bibs for volunteers to wear at all OCF competitions to ensure all volunteers are easily identifiable to athletes and other participants.
Series rules Series rules updated for the 2016/2017 series. Once finalized, they will be posted.


Other issues discussed:

  • CEC update presented by Tim Vince, OCF representative to the CEC board. Included an update on the CEC’s financial position. Announced an increase in the CEC membership cost for each PSO as well as an increase in the cost of the national licence fee for athletes. Also, announced the implementation of a sanctioning fee for each athlete competing in a national championship or a national series event.
  • Recognition of volunteer positions that have now been filled:
    • OCF Representative to the CEC Coaching Development Committee – Hedvig Lokay lead / Kellen Tapley Advisory
    • OCF Representative to the CEC Judging Development Committee – Jeff Whattam
    • OCF Representative to the CEC Route Setting Committee – Shaun Hunter & Jody Miall
    • OCF Representative to the CEC Competition Committee – James Richardson
    • OCF Representative to the CEC Selection Policy Review Committee – Barry Dykeman
    • OCF Representative to the CEC Communications Committee – Amanda Cowen
    • OCF Representative to the CEC – Tim Vince
    • OCF Webcontent/Webmaster and Social Media Expert – Esti Tweg
    • Art director – Tracey Graham (series poster)
  • Discussion of upcoming Climb for Life program (Long term athlete development program) session to be held at Boulderz on August 20.
  • Financial update including presentation and discussion of preliminary budget for the 2015/2016 series.
  • Review and updating of OCF series rules for the 2016/2017 series.

The next meeting will be held on Saturday September 10, at 9:00 am in Toronto.