Belaying In Competition: A Free Clinic

On behalf of the Ontario Climbing Federation, True North Climbing will host a free clinic for those who are considering or planning to volunteer as a belayer at an upcoming OCF Youth Difficulty (roped) climbing competition. Our goal is to help ensure the safety of all competitors and belayers at all OCF competitions.

Belaying at a competition involves more than routine belaying with your friends. The belayer must ensure that they do not aid the climber in their ascent, and be prepared to catch many falls with climbers ranging from very light to adult-sized. The pace is rapid, the competitors are climbing hard and fast, and their parents are watching!

Attending this clinic does not mean you are committing to belay during a competition, but we are hoping it will give more volunteers (and climbers and their parents!) confidence in the degree of safety in belaying at all OCF Difficulty competitions.

The clinic will be held at True North Climbing on Wednesday, February 12th starting at 6:30pm. The date was chosen to help prepare for the OCF Youth Difficulty season, which starts on Sunday February 16th.

There is no charge for the clinic, and dinner will be provided for all participants who RSVP by Monday February 10th. All participants must already be certified to lead belay at True North Climbing before the start of the clinic. Please contact Jeremy McDougall-Jobin at to RSVP for this clinic, and to arrange a free lead test well in advance before the clinic if you want to attend but do not already have our green lead belay tag.