Board Meeting June 12, 2016

An OCF board meeting was held on

Saturday, June 12, 2016, at 1:00 p.m. in Toronto

  • Attendees: Kellen Tapley, Shaun Hunter, Gillian Wyett, Lorraine Winger, Sheila Marks, Julia Bonnell.

Issues discussed:


  • The meeting was held to discuss the schedule for the 2016/2017 series and to determine the qualification process for youth provincials. The 2016/2017 OCF series will consist of 2 local and one provincial competition for each discipline. Open competitors will be invited to participate in both bouldering and difficulty events. The qualification process for provincials will be that the single best result from a local will determine eligibility for provincials with the top 20 competitors from each category qualifying for provincials. In case of ties, all eligible climbers will be taken forward.
  • Date of next board meeting was set for June 25 at 1:00pm in Oakville.

2016 Open National Difficulty team

Climbing Escalade Canada (CEC) is very pleased to announce the 2016 Canadian National Team for Open Lead:

Women’s Team

Alannah Yip (BC)
Sophie Buitendyk (BC)
Sara Frangos (AB)
Becca Frangos (AB)
Alyssa Weber (AB)
Mika Hosoi (BC)

Men’s Team

Sean McColl (EQ) (BC)
Elan Jonas-McRae (EQ) (BC)
Jason Holowach (SK)
Kyle Murdoch (BC)
Scott Eveleigh (AB)
Marc Eveleigh (AB)
Simon Yamamoto (AB)
Lucas Uchida (ON)
These fourteen athletes will be eligible to represent Canada at all IFSC World Cup lead events this season. They will also be eligible to compete at the 2016 Open World Climbing Championships, which will be held in Paris, France in September 2016. For further information about the CEC National Team selection criteria, please go to the our

CEC may name other eligible athletes as Alternate Team Members for specific IFSC events, if members of the National Team are unable to attend specific events.

All Open Athletes who meet the minimum performance criteria and are interested in being named as an Alternate Team Member and attending a specific World Cup lead event must contact Tim Vince, CEC Secretary, as soon as possible at

Youth National Difficulty Team

2016 CEC Youth National Difficulty Team / Équipe Canadienne Junior de difficulté 2016

Competition Climbing Canada (CEC) is pleased to announce the thirty-two athletes who have been named to the 2016 Youth National Difficulty Team. /
CEC est heureux d’annoncer les 32 athletes nommés au sein de l’équipe Nationale de difficulté 2016

All of the athletes in Youth B, A, and Junior categories will be eligible to represent Canada at the IFSC Youth World Climbing Championships, which are going to be held in Guangzhou, China in November 2016./
Les Athletes des catégories A B et junior sont éligibles à représenter le Canada aux championnats du monde 2016 qui auront lieu à Guangzhou, Chine en Novembre 2016.

Youth C Girls / Juvénile C Fem
Thea Chapman
Sonya Colliander
Grace Wieninger
Indiana Chapman

Youth C Boys / Juvénile C Masc
Brennan Doyle
Owen Gambling
TJ Foley
Hugo Valence

Youth B Girls / Juvénile B Fem
Babette Roy
Aggy St. Jacques
Madison Fischer
Manon Mackasey

Youth B Boys / Juvénile B Masc
Tyson Martino
Manh Ellis
Mitchell Haight
Aidan Doyle

Youth A Girls / Juvénile A Fem
Sophie Buitendyk
Mika Hosoi
Cat Carkner
Chloe Earle

Youth A Boys / Juvénile A Masc
David Trudeau
Dylan Saffery
Alex Fricker
Spencer Hebb

Junior Girls /Feminin
Sara Frangos
Becca Frangos
Eva Thompson
Beth Vince

Junior Boys / Masculin
Kyle Murdoch
Scott Eveleigh
Kiefer Van Den Bosch
Simon Yamamoto

The Youth Team Manager, Ron Gosselin, will provide further information to the members of the Youth Team about the upcoming training camp, as well as preliminary details about the Youth Worlds.

Le Coordonnateur de l’équipe Ron Gosselin fournira de l’information supplémentaire aux membres de l’équipe junior sur le camp d’entraînement et des détails préliminaires sur les championnats du monde.

OCF soliciting volunteer positions

The OCF is looking for volunteers to hold the following positions for the 2016/2017 season. All OCF members in good standing are eligible to apply. If interested, please respond to by June 20 indicating your interest. The successful applicants will be contacted.
1.       OCF representative to the CEC
·       CEC voting board member
·       Liaison between the OCF and the CEC, responsible for representing the OCF and the OCF’s perspective and concerns within the CEC
·       Monthly CEC board meetings (via conference call)
·       At least monthly reporting back to the OCF regarding CEC plans and to solicit information and input from the OCF board
2.       OCF representative to the CEC communications committee
·       OCF representative on the CEC’s communications committee which has the mandate of developing and delivering communications between the CEC and its key audience (athletes, parents, gyms, the wider community, etc.)
·       Periodic committee meetings (via. conference call) over the course of the year
·       Periodic reporting back to the OCF to provide updates on the CEC committee’s activities and to solicit information and input from the OCF board
3.       OCF webcontent/webmaster and social media expert
·       Responsible for updating all content on the OCF website ( (wordpress site)
·       Responsible for majority of posts on the OCF facebook page & Instagram feed

CEC 2016 Difficulty Nationals (Open athlete registration)

2016 Difficulty Nationals – Registration Details for athletes competing in the OPEN category (min. 16 years old in 2016) 
Open athletes can register for Difficulty Nationals through the ACA website:
Open athletes do not need to qualify for this event but MUST have a valid CEC National license or an equivalent license from an IFSC recognized National Federation. Cost of registration is $125.
Open athletes please note that your PSO is NOT taking care of your registration and you MUST attend registration on Friday, May 27(6:00 p.m.-7:30 p.m.) at the Holiday Inn in Canmore to pick up your bib, complete/submit your waiver/registration and then attend the technical meeting (8:00pm).
This information does not apply to athletes 16-19 years old, competing in Youth.