Annual General Meeting, Proposed Amendment to OCF Constitution and Election

The OCF’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on April 25th at True North Climbing in Toronto, between the two qualification rounds of the OCF Provincial Difficulty Championships.The exact time will be announced when the competition schedule and running order have been finalized, a few days before the event.

The agenda for the AGM has been posted here:

The Annual Report to Members will be posted online several days before the meeting, in order to allow our members to read it in advance of the meeting. The report will include a Financial Overview for the year (the final annual financial report will follow the end of the OCF’s fiscal year on May 31).

On the agenda this year is a proposed amendment to the OCF’s Constitution that would:

  • reduce the OCF Board from nine to seven Directors
  • shorten the term of future Directors from three years to two years

The current Board has voted unanimously in favour of these changes, believing they will make the Board operate more effectively, and make it less onerous for members to consider joining the board. Here is a draft of the specific proposed changes to the text of the OCF Constitution:

OCF Constitution (Proposed Amendment April 2015)

These changes will take effect if passed by a two-thirds majority of members voting on this proposal at the AGM.

After the amendment has been dealt with, we will conduct our annual election of new Director(s). Note that the outcome of the amendment affects how many directors will be chosen:

  • If the amendment passes, 1 Director will be elected for a 2-year term. In future years either 3 or 4 Directors’ terms will be up for election in alternate years.
  • If the amendment is defeated, 3 Directors will be elected, each for a 3-year term, and that will continue to be the case each year as it has in the past.

Any Adult member of the OCF may nominate themselves as a candidate, either at the AGM or in advance. Candidates who nominate themselves before April 18th at noon EDT may include a statement of up to 300 words, which will be posted on the OCF web site for the benefit of members who wish to know about the candidates. Nominations and statements should be emailed to the OCF Registrar at