Annual General Meeting: April 6, 2014

The OCF held their Annual General Meeting (AGM) at Grand River Rocks, Kitchener,On during the Provincial Difficulty Championships on April 6/14. Those board members present were: John Gross, Tim Vince, Jeff Whattam, Sheila Marks, Kari Robson, Liz Moffatt, Lorraine Winger and Scott Murray. There were about 40 members present.

The following issues were discussed:

A review of the past year and history of the OCF was presented by Tim Vince. The OCF has 211 members comprised of 41 supporter members, 110 youth athlete members and 30 open athlete members. All are voting members but the youth members under 18 give their proxy votes to their parents or guardians. We had 8 Youth only competitions this season with over 650 participants involved.

There was some explanation of the new CEC that is now comprised of the 4 representatives from the 4 provincial climbing associations and the one member from the ACC. The board of the CEC is:

  • Bill Hendsbee – Alberta Climbing Association
  • Ian Stewart-Patterson – Sport Climbing BC
  • Maria Izquierda – FQME
  • Tim Vince – Ontario Climbing Federation
  • David Foster- Alpine Club of Canada

The Treasurer’s report was given and expenditures noted such as our largest expense which is our Liability and Professional Insurance ($2100) along with website administrative costs and competition prizes, ribbons, medals etc. We are also hoping to purchase a video camera system for our Provincial competitions and looking for donations or fundraising ideas in order to do so.

The election of 3 new officers for the board of Directors took place and were all by acclamation:

  • Kari Robson
  • Jeff Whattam
  • Sheila Marks.

These Board Positions are for 3 year terms running from June 1, 2014 – May 31, 2017.