2020 OCF Announcement: Head Coach

We are pleased to announce that Liz Maffett has been selected for the
position of OCF Head Coach. Liz will be designing a new High
Performance Program for OCF competitive athletes, as well as lead
other non-competition programming that will be designed to better
prepare athletes for events such as National Championships.

As a coach, routesetter and climber herself, Liz is well-known in the
Ontario climbing community and has great experience leading local
teams. Last year, as OCF Associate Head Coach, she helped
organize and run our three successful training camps. Liz also has
national and international exposure as being part of the CEC’s
coaching team for the Youth National Team Program and Youth World

The OCF Board felt connected and inspired by Liz’s vision. Her
enthusiasm, passion and experience in developing athletes and
keeping them engaged made her the perfect choice for this position.

We are really excited to welcome Liz and look forward to sharing with
all of you the High Performance Plan in time for the 2021/22 season.