2017 OCF Board Elections

Below are introductions to the OCF members who are running for election to fill one of the four board positions coming open as of June 1, 2017.

Voting will take place between the qualifying routes during Difficulty provincials at The Junction. If you are an OCF member and are not able to attend the meeting, but would like to have your vote recorded, you can obtain a proxy access form here.

Please note that minors are not able to sign their own proxy access forms – such forms must be authorized by their guardian.


Lisa Gray

I have spent the last 16+ years working in software implementation in the financial industry. I have Board-level experience in the not-for profit sector, as both a Program Coordinator and Hosting Coordinator for CISV (Children’s International Summer Villages), a global organization which promotes peace through inter-cultural, international exchange and camp programs in several countries. For the past two years, I have been a judge at OCF youth competitions. As a parent of climbers, and a resident of Waterloo, ON, I would be a voice for the southwestern Ontario climbing community at the Board level. As well, with relatively new involvement (three years) in the climbing community, I could bring a fresh perspective to Board activities. My record of volunteerism over many years, my active involvement in and support of the climbing community and my sound communication, leadership and collaboration skills would be an asset to the OCF Board.


Shaun Hunter

Shaun started working in the climbing industry in 2005 at Toronto Climbing Academy where he began instructing youth in the recreational programs. In 2010 he moved to True North Climbing where he created the youth recreational program and competitive youth team which he is the head coach for, he later became the head route setter in 2013. In the competition scene, he has been involved countless times as a route setter, comp organizer, problem judge, and as an open competitor. In 2015 Shaun was named to the Canadian team as an assistant youth coach (an honour he declined for personal reasons), he also represented Canada at 4 World Cups in the 2015 season. As a route setter, he has helped set over 30 competitions from the provincial to the national level. Shaun has also been on the OCF board as the Secretary for the past 2 years.


Tyler Norton

I’ve been working in the climbing industry since 2011 as a gym manager, routesetter, coach, and event organizer at Climber’s Rock, and I’ve had the privilege of travelling around the world to visit other gyms, attend competitions and take part in clinics with world-class routesetters and coaches. Having witnesses the explosive growth of the sport first-hand, my focus is on creating new competitions that cater to specific audiences, ensuring a better competition experience for everyone. My first project was a bouldering competition for pre-competitive youth called Pebble Pull, and I hope to help the OCF improve Ontario’s capacity by implementing similar ideas province-wide.


Malek Taleb

I believe that my previous experience as a board member (I currently hold the position of parent liaison), as well as my 16 years of experience working in the climbing industry (currently as owner of the Boiler Room climbing gym) make me a great asset as a board member.

My involvement with competition climbing ranges from being an open competitor, a climbing coach for youth and open athletes, team manager for the Canadian National Team, route setter and competition organizer for local competitions at my climbing gym.


Sharon Vukojevic

I am a parent of 2 youth competitors who have been active in the OCF for several years. With both of our girls being in groups C and D, we intend to be involved for many years to come. I have been an active volunteer judge few a four years and would like to further support the OCF with a higher commitment of serving on the board as well.

In addition to judging at OCF local and provincial competitions, I have also judged at several National competitions (bouldering and difficulty), Tour De Bloc and at an IFSC World Cup event.

In the past 2 years, the Ontario Climbing Federation membership has grown exponentially, with no indication that this massive growth will slow down.  Now is the perfect opportunity to make the necessary changes needed to keep up with all the changes that are taking place in competitive climbing.

The number of climbing gyms in Ontario has exploded in the last year.  With this growth, it has brought new teams, coaches and route setters.  Climbing can no longer a considered a “grassroots” sport and is rapidly becoming mainstream.  With this, comes the need for athlete development, coaching certifications and training for route setters to allow our youth athletes to not just excel on the provincial level but to compete on the international stage as well. Without this evolution, the sport cannot grow to accommodate our athletes.

As the PSO for climbing within Ontario, our duty is to guide the sport, with further policy development, structured attainable goals, and generation of more “climbing community” involvement.

As we have already witnessed this season, unexpected departures of key personnel can have a significant impact within the OCF structure and place an additional strain on the limited resources of personnel available. I believe in the opportunity to elect new members to the board, and I intend to help move the OCF even further forward, with my experience and knowledge gained during the course of the last several years.

Thank you for the opportunity and consideration.