2014/15 Schedule posted; First comp October 11th

The OCF is pleased to announce that the schedule for the 2014/15 Youth Climbing Series has been finalized, and is available at climbontario.ca/comp-schedule. This year’s schedule features four locals per discipline before each Provincial Championship, and a variety of formats: some comps are scramble format, some ISO or flash format to help prepare for higher levels of competition. Like last season, points from a competitor’s top 5 comps constitute their Series score; the point system has been revised to put more emphasis on the Provincial Championships. Full Series Rules will be posted very soon.

And to get everyone pumped, the details of our first comp are ready to go. We are returning to the Rock Oasis in Toronto for another Rock Rumble!

The Rumble at Rock Oasis is set for Saturday, October 11th, 2014. This will be the first local bouldering event in the OCF 2014/15 Youth Climbing Series. It will be a youth only event, and will use the judged scramble format.

(Judged means that competitors are judged by independent volunteer judges, not by each other. Scramble format means that competitors get to choose which problems they try and are allowed multiple attempts on each problem, time permitting.

All competitors will be required to have a current OCF Competitive Youth Membership, or they will need to purchase an OCF Recreational Participant single-event pass for $5.

Online registration coming next week!