2012 Pan-Am Championships

3 Local Southern Ontario Youth Climbers Representing Canada

Charle, Sam and Courtney have been accepted to represent Canada and participate in the 2012 Pan American Youth Championships in Santiago, Chile in mid-November.

These awesome kids have worked very hard throughout the 2011/12 season in order to qualify for this event. Competitive climbing is a relatively new sport in Canada and as such, receives no government funding. All travel and related expenses must be paid by the individual athletes through self funding or donation/fundraising. The expenses to compete in Chile are over $3000 per climber.

For these young Canadians to qualify to compete on the international stage is difficult enough and requires a great deal of dedication to the climbing discipline.

Any donation, however small, to overcome the financial hurdle is a great way to support these Canadian kids as they compete on the international stage and beyond.

Let’s help these three great kids show the Americas what kind of talent comes from Canada.

Support our local Southern Ontario climbers. To donate, please log on to www.2012panam.weebly.com